What We Do

We look to invest in established businesses where we believe we can make a meaningful contribution, bringing both investment capital and our experience, expertise and advice to help you take the next steps to scale up and grow your business. 

We can support a variety of business opportunities ranging from growth investment, funding of acquisitions, facilitating ownership succession, supporting recapitalisation transactions or helping identify and execute other value creating strategic initiatives to drive business growth.   

We believe that business growth is about more than just capital.  It is also about having the right experience, expertise and networks, which is why we look to invest in businesses where we can add value beyond the capital we provide.   

Our objective is to work in partnership with great management and owners, to collectively achieve business growth. 

If you’re challenged in any of these areas we might be able to help: 

  • You require investment to support growth 

  • You wish to enter a new market (we have significant experience with Australia) 

  • You are scaling up 

  • You need to plan for ownership succession 

  • You are not satisfied with your current financial performance 

  • You are facing competitive pressures 

  • You are thinking about a change in strategic direction 

  • You are planning an acquisition 

  • You want to buy out a competitor 

Our Team

Paul Munro


PJM headshot3_edited.jpg

Paul was CEO of a large investment holdings company for 6 years where he managed investments across a diverse portfolio of commercial infrastructure and contracting businesses.  Prior to this CEO role, Paul was a Corporate Finance Partner at Deloitte where he supported numerous clients and transactions across New Zealand and Australia. 


Paul also brings over 10 years of independent director experience spanning multiple public and private board roles in the energy, infrastructure, sustainability, distribution/logistics, and building sectors. 

Jeremy Blake



Jeremy was a director and shareholder of Mocka (an eCommerce business operating in NZ and Australia) for 10 years prior to its sale to an Australian listed company in 2019.  Mocka was founded by Cameron Blake and Emma Smith, who, along with Rachel Blake, are involved in Black Peak Ventures and bring their own skills and experience to the mix (in particular, offshore product sourcing, product development, branding and marketing).   


Prior to Mocka, Jeremy was a Partner at national law firm Buddle Findlay where he provided commercial legal advice to support a broad cross-section of clients and transactions, spanning large corporates to SMEs. 

What We've Done

Established in 2021, our small hands-on team has proven experience in building networks, executing investment transactions and supporting growing businesses to create value for the owners.  

Collectively the experience of our team can provide: 

  • The experience and lessons learned from 30 years of working with a broad range of businesses across most sectors throughout New Zealand and Australia 

  • Hands-on experience from owning and managing businesses ourselves 

  • Significant merger and acquisition experience spanning strategic, financial, commercial, legal and funding aspects of the transaction process 

  • Significant eCommerce and retail brand growth experience  

  • Brand development expertise 

  • Offshore product sourcing and supply chain experience and capability  

  • Significant independent governance capability and experience 

  • Significant investment monitoring and investment management experience spanning $1m investments through to $1b+ investments